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  • Clicks will be delivered within 72 hours of agreed provisional sending date. Usually will be delivered in 24 hours.
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the url before the provisional date.
  • Your Solo ad will be sent to my list ONLY (no traffic exchanges, safelists, pop ups, pop unders, etc.)
  • Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing related free offers, NO MLM/Networking ads, NO randomizer ads and NO paid offers or CB offers. Once they optin you can send them to as many paid products as you like!
  • I would be willing to allow a paid offer. Please email me first so we discuss the offer in question.
  • I reserve the right to make adjustments to your swipe for best results. I know what my list likes and the way that they will respond the best!
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy. The only exception to this rule is if I preview your ad and decide it is not a good fit for my list, if so I will provide a prompt refund.
  • I cannot determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts. However, I could guarantee that your offer will be sent to my high quality & responsive list and you’ll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for.

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