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Maybe you have seen that the items which are marketed to train you the way to undertake opt-in list building seem to be concentrated on the "size" of your list instead of on the "quality" of your list? Undoubtedly size is critical, but incredibly important will be the "quality" of your subscriber list. When you have an enormous list of "window shoppers", it results in small monetary profit to you. When building a list, what you are interested in is actually a high quality list of subscribers who love and have confidence in you. These subscribers are desperate to purchase from you as a result of enormous benefit you have already provided them.

Use Viral Marketing

Exclamation markViral marketing can be tough for several good reasons, even though it can be hugely aided by Facebook and Twitter. But of course even if can be challenging, people still put a lot of time and effort into viral marketing for their various businesses. It does help to have as much knowledge as you can about the elements of viral marketing.

If you get an idea that you even think could take-off in a viral way, then do not drag your feet on it. The only way you can make viral marketing work for you is to be speedy with executing your ideas. The fact is that viral marketing can't be perfectly planned, so you never know what will actually work for you. Doing small-scale marketing tests really is the smart way to approach viral campaigns. It doesn't really make sense to wait and try to make your idea perfect before you launch it, because that's not going to happen. Most of the most successful viral marketing campaigns out there were never even planned, they were simply executed without wasting too much time. That is why we urge you to not put too much time and money into a possible idea.

Needless to say, something needs to catch the eye of people, and then there is something more that must make them very curious.

Any viral video or anything else must contain something that hooks their attention if only for a brief moment or two. Almost all people tend to react the same way except for maybe those professionals who may not. But in the end it all comes down to the meat of the matter and what the actual content is all about. It is a good idea to find out what others feel about it before you roll it out. However, you have to be thick-skinned about this process because fact is you may not ever produce anything viral.

Let it run until you are comfortable with the metrics you are gathering from your tracking efforts. Learn from all of your successes and mistakes, and that will make you much stronger and smarter in the future. The nature of viral campaigns are such that discovering the exact cause for failure is not always possible. So then you learn what you can and move on to the next order of business. Take anything that did not perform and see if it is possible to position the offer differently but with another source of targeted traffic. There is never anything wrong with testing individual elements of a campaign, and it is a pretty smart move in our book. Viral marketing is a challenge, to be sure, but that is part of the fun of online business, or at least we think so.

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