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Maybe you have seen that the items which are marketed to train you the way to undertake opt-in list building seem to be concentrated on the "size" of your list instead of on the "quality" of your list? Undoubtedly size is critical, but incredibly important will be the "quality" of your subscriber list. When you have an enormous list of "window shoppers", it results in small monetary profit to you. When building a list, what you are interested in is actually a high quality list of subscribers who love and have confidence in you. These subscribers are desperate to purchase from you as a result of enormous benefit you have already provided them.

Add Quality Subscribers to Your RSS Feed

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Increasing your RSS subscribers is easy to do. It's not that specialized to do. However, you'll find that a lot of webmasters and bloggers find it hard to convert their visitors to subscribers to their RSS feed. Why is this? This is because they did not focus on the most important things. People will only want to subscribe to your feed it they see it as a benefit. If you're not going to educate your visitors about the benefits of subscribing to your feed or clearly show them how they can do it, it's not fair on your part to expect a high conversion rate and get a bunch of subscribers to your feed.

First, it very important for your feed to be prominent. This is so that people are aware of it and subscribe. On many sites you'll see that the RSS feed buttons aren't clearly visible. This is because they are hiding in the footer or covered up by the ads. If you want your viewers to act upon your feed and push the subscribe button, then put it in places where it can be seen. Plenty of the most well liked blogs put their RSS feeds at the very top of the page, and then again in the footer. If you're running a blog, you can also have the options right where each post ends. Do not forget that graphics are more powerful than text links. If you want your visitors to see your feed, then do not place text links. But, rather use big, bold images to help them subscribe. If you search for them, you can locate many different kinds of feed images. If you're creative you can create your own version of the feed image. However, make sure that they are close in design to the very well known RSS buttons. This is so that people will still associate them with the traditional RSS buttons.

You also want to be flexible in terms of the type of subscriptions you offer, so instead of just standard RSS subscriptions, you could also offer feed to email. This means that your subscribers will be able to use their emails to receive any updates as well as reading them at their convenience. Lots of people still prefer e-mail when it comes to passing information, despite the fact that new distribution methods are appearing constantly. Thus, you will give your subscribers exactly what they want by providing them with flexible options in terms of receiving your updates and combining the power of email with your RSS feeds. In the end focusing on getting more traffic is not enough if you want to be successful you have to also get new subscribers. Can you just imagine how much repeat business you can get if you have a list of thousands that are waiting for new updates from you via feed subscriptions? The real beauty of RSS feeds is one that should never be underestimated - it's a little investment of time and attention by you that has the potential to yield massive results.

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